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SummerVille Nursery
and Landscape

PT. 34335,
Jln Teluk Pulai,
41100, Klang S'gor

Tel: 012-2958911
Fax: 03-33738458

Email: nplian@summerville.com.my

URL: http://www.summerville.com.my

SummerVille Nursery and Landscape
services are divided into:
We sell potted and hanging plants from low land and Cameron Highlands, trees, shrubs and turf grass for landscaping, varieties of plastic pots and clay pots, water feature, pebbles, slabs and other materials like fertilizers, soil and gardening tools.

  Outdoor Landscaping

  We provide landscaping services in the public and private sectors such as schools, hotels, factories, condominiums and residential.
We have a reliable team in-charge of landscape designing, implementation and consultancy.
We have a professional team in-charge of landscape designing, implementation and consultancy.

  Landscape Maintenance
  Our maintenance services include as follows:
  -  Watering
  -  Weeding/soil loosening
  -  Pruning/trimming
  -  Fertilizing
  -  Pest and disease control
  -  Mowing and maintenance of lawns
  -  Tree pruning
  -  Removal of garbage, dead leaves & debris

We supply trees, shrubs, groundcover, exotic plants, fruit trees to nurseries, government sector, golf courses and landscape contractors.

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